Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Business Card

Courtesy of HoneyGangsta - she made these for me to hand out when people come up to me thinking they know me. I've had these for almost a year now, and I haven't give one out. Mostly cause I am chicken.

Friday, May 22, 2009

A Worthy Entry - Downunder Style

Long Beach - April 23rd at an Outback Steakhouse Restaurant

It has been a busy last few weeks!! I flew down to LA for the weekend, and met my friend and brother for dinner @ Outback Steakhouse (my fave!) In addition to our waiter, we had some woman who looked a bit more formal than the wait staff come and take our drink order. She may have been an assistant manager, or something. After she came back with our drinks, she lingered. Then she asked if we are regulars cause we look familiar.

LOL! That was weird. I don't think I can claim that one all for myself since she was referring to all of us, but I know that it was me who she thought looked familiar :)


San Francisco - April 17th in a cab in SOMA

My friend Gerber Daisy came to visit for a day. We hopped in a cab on a Friday night to go to an Art Gallery where her cousin was showing - it was opening night! I hopped in the cab first, and the cabbie says "Melissa?" I just ignored him, cause I'm not Melissa, and sometimes you can't tell if they're on the phone with their hands free device. I was actually wondering why Gerber Daisy hadn't hopped in the cab herself - she was probably making conversation with a totally random stranger on the side walk as usual. Finally she gets in the cab and the cabbie repeats: "Melissa?" This time staring right at me in the rear view mirror.

No - I'm not Melissa! "Oh, you look like one of my regulars."
Gerber Daisy: "Regulars? Regular what? Who do you pick up on the corner 'regularly?'"

Turns out he was Russian, and that means that I look Russian, especially in the rear view mirror. Geez.

Coincidentally Weird

San Francisco - March 6th @ Macy's

This is a true story! On March 6th, I went to One Twenty for Hair in SOMA - downtown San Francisco, where Marco cut and styled my hair beautifully. That day I had off from work, and decided to run a couple of errands, including going to Macy's to look for a dress for an upcoming wedding. On the way to Macy's I tried to get glimpse of my new 'do at every chance - like in store windows reflecting Marco's genius. I was happy with my new haircut.

I get to Macy's, and up to the 4th floor dress department I go. I'm looking through a gaggle of BCBG dresses (my favorite), when a sales lady comes up to me and says:

"Did you do something new with your hair?"

WHAT? Yes, indeed I have, but I don't know who this sales person is! How does she know? I looked at her, and she repeated her question - "Did you do something new with your hair?" trailing the end of the sentence to almost mute as she realized that I am not who she thought I was upon closer inspection.

I still didn't know how to reply, because, yes I did just do something new with my hair. It was so utterly confusing! I just stared at her, not knowing the answer. I couldn't think of anything that seemed appropriate to say - nothing! After a few more very long seconds she said to me: "Oh, sorry. You look like someone who regularly shops here."

I walked away without having said a single word. Just confused.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cosmopolitan in San Francisco

San Francisco - July 30th @ Cosmopolitan Restaurant

On an arbitrary Wednesday night I was sitting in a restaurant booth with P performing random acts of PDA when I see a Japanese man making eye contact with me. He had just gotten up from the bar and was walking out. When he saw me, he stopped, stared, and **waved!!** He then said hi to me, to which P turned his head to look at him, and he said hi to him too. P and I just watched him stare at me, when the words came out of his mouth: "I know you from somewhere." P turned right to me and instructed me: "Give him a card!"

I started laughing uncontrollably and became totally embarrassed. the Japanese man said he was sure he knew me cause he never forgets a face. Wrong! He hung around quite longer than was appropriate, and in the end I couldn't give him a card :( Next time.

I definitely did not know him.

Sunday, June 01, 2008


Professor Thom's Bar in East Village, New York City - May 1, 2008

I was sitting with Meghan and her friend Michael just catching up while I was in town, when a guy from the next table got up, came right up to me, grabbed my shoulder and said - "Stacy?"

Me: "No." Uncomfortable smiling due to a feeling of being ambushed.
Guy: "Oh. You look just like Stacy."
Me: "I'm not Stacy" more smiling and waiting for him to take a hike.
Guy: "Are you from Minnesota? Cause you look just like my friend Stacy, or like you are with the group from Minnesota."
Me: "No."
Guy: "OK, sorry about that. It's crazy, you look just like Stacy" trailing off as he went back to his seat.

This one would have been PERFECT for my new cards!

First time's a charm in San Francisco

North Beach, San Francisco - April 18

Kerry and Elita were in town from New York and we went to an Italian restaurant in North Beach. The wait was ridiculous, we just stood there for hours waiting for a table. At one point a gentleman walked right up the stairs I was standing at the top of, and he was staring right at me. He then got behind me and lurked for a minute. Then he finally tapped me and told me I looked like a friend of his, and that she also has blue eyes like mine. I didn't know what to say so I just smiled and said in my head - well, I'm not her cause I've never seen you before in my life.

He then stared for a second longer and wished me a good night.

HG made me some cards to hand out when this sort of thing happens, directing them to this website and I've been showing some of my friends. They're first reaction when I tell them how many people come up to me to tell me they know me from somewhere or that I look like someone they know is that they're hitting on me. But I would say that half the people who do think they recognize me from somewhere are women. However, the above episode definitely felt like it was flirty.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Multiple Sightings

Cerritos Towne Center, November 23, 2007

I haven't posted in a while, the people coming up to me telling me they know me from somewhere has thinned out thank goodness.

There have been a few people who 'recognized' me over the past few months. In New York, I was at the Red Door Spa for a client appreciation event (mani/pedis) and the place was filled with Eastern Euro women who worked there. They of course thought I looked familiar, cause I probably looked like one of their family memebers.

But just yesterday, I was at Ulta Cosmetics when the checkout girl was staring at me precariously. I gave her that look that says - "you better tell me what's up or I'll miss interpret your stare and get pissed off." So she did. She said I looked really familiar. So I asked her what her name is. She told me and then followed it with - I just think you look familiar because you look like Kirsten Dunst. Booya! Another Kirsten Dunst! I'm might actually start believing it.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Long Beach Connection

Long Beach, CA - December 20, 2006

While at a bar in Long Beach, the bartender asked if I was German or Dutch. I told him Hungarian. That was that. Then 20 min later, he asks what my connection is to The Vault, a neighboring music venue that was the original destination that night, but was closed. I've never been to The Vault. I should have known where this line of questioning was going. Then 20 min later, he asks where he knows me from - I told him I live in NY, which is kind of a cop out, since I spent 20 years in Long Beach's vicinity, but I didn't know him, and I really did not want to be convincing this guy that he doesn't know me either. He was nice though.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Straight From Japan!

New York - November 15, 2006

While getting my hair permanently straightened with the Japanese Thermal procedure, my stylist, who is from Japan proper and has limited English vocabulary, managed to tell me that I look like Kirsten Dunst! What's funny, is that I was asking her what she was doing with my hair when she would take strands and fold them in two - that she could not explain in English, yet it's her specialty. But I looked like someone and there was no problem in explaining that one :)

I also recommend the place - called Hayato on 23rd and Park. They did an excellent job!